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  • “Climb”Climb

    Encaustic, marble dust and mixed media on cradled wood panel 24x18x1.5

  • “Sleep of Reason”Sleep of Reason

    Encaustic and mixed media on panel 20x20x1.5in

  • “Beneath the Skin I”Beneath the Skin I

    Cold wax, encaustic, collage and mixed media on panel 21x17x1.5in.framed

  • “After Darkness”After Darkness

    Cold wax, oil and gold leaf on cradled wood panel 20x20x1.5in.

  • “Cast Beyond the Moon”Cast Beyond the Moon

    Encaustic and mixed media oncradled wood panel 30x24x1.5in

Roxane Mayeur

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artist bio

Roxane Mayeur is a mixed media artist working in painting, printmaking and collage. She resides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and is an active member of the visual arts community. For the past three years she has worked almost exclusively with encaustic and cold wax medium.

artist statement

Roxane's work focuses on the quiet spaces created by the passage of time. Images elevate the common into sacred, revealing the aesthetics of the broken and imperfect, discarded and devalued, while celebrating the process of reclamation and recovery.

The images are created with encaustic wax as a medium. Intensely process driven, multiple layers of beeswax, tree resin and pigments are fused using a torch or other heat source, producing a translucence and ethereal quality unlike any other medium. She sometimes embeds materials into the wax, such as rust, metal, stone, graphite, collage and original digital photography. Other times, she will apply cold wax medium, bridging encaustic and traditional oil painting.