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Christopher Poff

  • Art
  • Film
  • Drama
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artist bio

Digital artist who specializes in reality / simulation interface. I also like to work with video, After Effects, Illustrator and physical computing. Prior to studying Arts and Technology at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, I was a Computer Science / Physics double major. Having an extensive background in programming and scripting, both from school and from years of MUSH / MUX experience, I like to utilize Java and Arduino in my projects as well. I am also looking to expand into more artwork on Second Life, which has always been a favorite of mine. I would also like to do some online game design, and from time to time I've participated in local theater.

artist statement

My work is only successful when the audience walks away from it having experienced something new or, better yet, having learned some important insight into how human beings interact with and relate to their environment. Challenging the barrier between reality and simulation is a favorite focus of mine; some of my most successful work has involved making people interact with and experience emotions when confronted with digital simulation. I also feel like political statements are an important component to truly relevant art, but that as an artist I shouldn't necessarily beat people over the head in the process of communicating my viewpoint.