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  • “Recent Pro-bono Work.”Recent Pro-bono Work.

    A poster for Penfield Children't Hospital Croquet Ball

Lydia Jean

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I am an Art Professional

artist bio

I'm a freelance Illustrator with a BFA in just that.
I love illustrating and if I could do nothing but draw for the rest of my days I would. I had a close to death car accident before my college experience and I knew right then and there I wanted and needed to pursue my passion in life, Illustration. So let me create a piece of art for you that you'll know was made with passion and love.
I've worked on numerous projects from magazine ads to wedding invites to personal illustrated pieces for clients.
I have a pretty distinct style and I've been told it's both a blessing and a curse, I choose to see it more as a blessing, and you can see it as a gaurente for the type of work you'd be getting from me.

artist statement

Would you like to have an illustration of you with a narwhal having a drink together and playing canasta on a hamburger? Well I would love to draw that for you! Or if you would like a drawing of you and your best friend or pet I'd be just as thrilled to create that! I love to create cute fun whimsical illustrations. So if you want to work with someone who loves what they do and wants to help you create a tangible version of your vision, I'm your girl!