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Lizbeth Saunders

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Studying at Carroll College, I took a liking to printmaking, portrait and life drawing, but never pursued any as a career. I felt troubled deciding on a college major as my left brain loved the logic and theory of mathematics but my right brain was always pushing me to be creative. I graduated from Carroll with an Art major and Math and Spanish minors.

The print industry offered the closest match to the printmaking class I loved. Computer-based graphic design was not quite there yet during my college years, but after graduating I did purchase my first Mac (Classic) and enrolled in classes at WCTC. Graphic design was truly the perfect marriage that harnessed my creativity along with my knack for numbers.

Graphic designer is the title I assume for my day job currently taking on freelance work and relief positions through a temporary placement firm for creatives, C2. A firm believer in ongoing learning, I am a member of the Milwaukee InDesign Users Group and Milwaukee WordPress MeetUp. My artistic mediums differ from those of a fine artist: Adobe InDesign for page layout, Adobe Illustrator to design logos, Adobe Photoshop to retouch photos and Adobe Dreamweaver to build websites; but I firmly believe the creative process I go through is the same�¢ï¿½ï¿½just a different means of execution.