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  • “Split”Split

    Stabillo and Omnichrome pencil on Frosted Mylar 14" x 10" 2012

Jeremy Plunkett

  • Art
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artist bio

I am looking for illuminating, illusionary and erased qualities of light. When inspired by subject matter maintaining those qualities, I create photo-realist paintings, prints, and charcoal drawings.

Jeremy Plunkett received his MFA in painting from Ohio University in 2008 and received his BFA in printmaking from Bowling Green State University in 2005. Jeremy has participated in many national and international juried exhibitions and publications. Currently, Jeremy resides in Milwaukee, WI where he continues to make works for future exhibitions and printmaking exchanges.

artist statement

PAUSE - Exhibition Statement

When we as humans stop to self reflect, we pause. If for only a split second or a prolonged period, this pause brings us to reconsider the condition of our surroundings –the notion of what seems familiar conjoined with the present. I work with the idea that light cast into a space and upon specific characters within familiar places triggers self reflection, triggers that “pause.”

By using subtractive approaches within my work, I am able to more vividly create a sense of light through erasing. This is important because this eradication mimics the effects of cast light, specifically the intensity of its source. Light owns the capacity to eradicate space as well as maintaining the ability to shape, bend, and depict. The more detailed and realistically light is depicted, the more light becomes something of abstraction, lending itself to its beauty and daunting nature. I believe this character, in conjunction with monumentally scaled interiors, touches upon the sublime –a feeling made evident when viewing contrasting notions of reality, the real beside illusion.

My work is meant to represent various different pauses, activated by a moment of the sublime (the daunting beauty of light’s interaction with space, the real and the non-real, the mark and the non-mark).