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Ashley Janke

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Ashley Janke is an artist, curator, and facilitator. By setting contrived parameters via media, environment or concept, she brings attention to other work or conversations she is interested in. In the early summer of 2010 she opened her first public project called nAbr gallery, a mobile space defined by consistent dimensions, and a raw exterior meant to contrast the finished quality of the gallery interior. nAbr’s program works as a platform for those who take advantage of these unique qualities and integrate them into their proposals for the space. It is within this environment that nAbr gallery creates a dialog between the artist, the audience, and the spaces between. Janke has rebuilt the gallery in Milwaukee, Chicago, and Italy. She has incorporated dozens of local, national, and international artist into her programing practice, and has worked with numerous organizations such as the Lynden Sculpture Garden, The Art Shanty Projects, the MDW Fair and others.

Janke recently graduated from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design in 2012. Apart from nAbr gallery she maintains a studio practice working with processes reflective time, such as video, stop motion, printmaking, or writing. She has worked as the apprentice of Roberto Maninno and is the current protégé of Sara daleiden.