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Alec Regan

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artist bio

**Alec is one of the artists affected by the Center Street fire on July 17th 2012. The building was home to the alternative studio and exhibition space "American Fantasy Classics", which Alec co-founded and directed, as well as his apartment and private studio.

American Fantasy Classics is an ongoing collaborative project established and curated by Oliver Sweet, Alec Regan, Brittany Ellenz and Liza Pflughoft. AFC encourages ambitious experimentation by dedicating its resources to contemporary artists as an exhibition space and multi purpose fabrication / production / coordination / collaboration studio. Their collaborations have been manifested since 2011 at their exhibition space in Riverwest, and in various spaces in milwaukee, as well as nationally at Pepin Moore in Los Angeles, California. Most recently, American Fantasy Classics have received the Greater Milwaukee Foundation's Mary L. Nohl Fund Fellowship for emerging artists and will create a large scale collaborative installation at INOVA as part of the 2012 Mary Nohl Fellowship Exhibition in October.

Prior to the inception of American Fantasy Classics, Regan recived his BFA from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design and has served as studio assistant to Milwaukee artists Brent Budsberg & Shana McCaw, David Robbins and Reginald Baylor. His work has been shown locally at Small Space, Analog Blog & Studio Deep End and CENTER, among others; as well as nationally at the Boylen Gallery at Pennsylvania State University, and at the Hills Esthetic Center and Peregrine Program in Chicago, Illinois.