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Ben Miller

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artist bio

**Ben is one of the artists affected by the Center Street fire on July 17th 2012. The building was home to his recently opened gallery and social space, Plum House. The building was also his place of residence.

artist statement

By exposing oneself to unfamiliar conditions and new terms that are difficult to qualify or quantify, one is invited to create novel conditions through which existence can be experienced. In my work, I seek to expose myself to that which disarms my senses, that which disrupts my habituated, familiar mode of cognition. In doing so, the doorway to new modes of cognition is opened. When one experiences a shift in the contextual structure of one's life, when one encounters that which cannot be measured by previous methods, one realizes that the life and self are not intrinsically static and stagnant, but can be fluid and creative.

In my work and in life in general, I seek experiences that catalyze within others and myself the recognition of our capacity to participate in the fluid creation of reality on a conscious - rather than exclusively subconscious - level.