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  • “Small Magellanic Cloud”Small Magellanic Cloud

    12 x 12 Mixed Media on Masonite Board Metallic & interference acrylic paints and glass beads are applied to a Masonite board. The painting sits on a finished wood cradle, so a frame is optional and it can be displayed four ways. A star-forming region within the galactic companion to our Milky Way.

Patty Heibel

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My goal is to engage you positively through expressive mixed media paintings of our universe. I explore,create and share my vision through intense images of deep space and organic shapes found on earth.

I work from plein air, memory, imagination or photos to create paintings that capture the attributes I want to communicate. Acrylic mediums, papers, fabrics, string, glass, semi-precious metals and stone are attached to hardboard, paper or canvas in a variety of sizes. Acrylic paints are applied in numerous layers. Work is rotated during the entire process to make them compositionally sound in any direction you wish to hang them.

Before calling a painting completed, it needs to be technically sound, visually stimulating, and make an emotional connection.