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  • “Papaâs Brand New Bag”Papa’s Brand New Bag

    ©2011 20â x 20â Mixed, Acrylic Joe Hausch $320

Joe Hausch

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I am an Art Professional I am a Design Professional I am a Music Professional

artist bio

I am owner of Hausch Design Agency and have been doing branding, marketing, design since 1984. I graduated from MIAD in '84 and worked for DesignGroup until '86 when I helped form H2D Haas Hausch Design as Partner and Creative Director. Leaving that firm in 2001 to focus on family and a handful of exceptional clients.

I play drums (and a little more guitar everyday)and have been in a couple local bands over the years, the most notorious being what Rolling Stone Magazine once called "Milwaukee's obscure rock band" Couch Flambeau where I played live shows from '86 to '94. I played with Josh Rauen (and The Big Escape) in 2001-2003.
I am currently part of a new project called Killer Joe featuring fellow artists and creatives Joe Ciccarelli, Nora Boedeker, Jim McDonald, and Ken Hanson.

Art: Late 2011
I have been creating art since I could hold a crayon in my hand. After almost 50 years of making marks on paper, I've found that creating mixed media works, utilizing found objects and playing with 2 to 4D concepts is what really brings me joy.
I started doing portraits before I was a teen and then focused on learning how to be a designer, attending UWM and MIAD in the early 80's.

I have worked as a graphic designer for almost 30 years, I play the drums and guitar, I collect musical instruments and music in general; my career as a designer, marketer and inventor has fueled a desire to be creative 24/7. When I look at recent works I find that I sometimes simply just enjoy moving paint around and reacting to what happens. Many works have been influenced by my family, current events and the music that I might be listening to. I love the freedom to do whatever feels right; from writing all over a canvas to exploring mediums and techniques I've studied in school and in trips to see the master works in Europe. Playing cards which, in my work, usually represent life or love, and recycled found objects find their way into many compositions. Many of the pieces I have completed for this show have started as portraits or works with underlying patterns or systems that ultimately turn more into stories about individuals or more complex social ideas. Some are just studies in color and approaches that I look forward to integrating in future work. It's hard for me to decide when many pieces are complete. But I feel that some of these works shown here will become springboards for a number of series pieces that I already have planned. The process of creating these works has been so fun, I hope to be able to share that more in some live sessions in the future or through some multimedia pieces I have planned as well.

I was just about to turn 50 and thought it was time that I have my first show. Then Kathleen Leahy-Pulz and I were talking about a year ago, I told her how excited I was to see her work and that I loved the directions she was taking and her paintings and techniques were really coming along. I think I said something about we should have a show, she said “yeah”. The next thing I know, she had this set-up. Thanks Kathleen for being a great friend for almost 50 years, and I’m very proud to be sharing the stage with you in this 50/50 show. I hope everyone enjoys the show, and watch for another 50/50 show in the future.

artist statement

Balance is key to my creative exsistance and life itself.
No diversity and no balance equals no fun.