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  • “Untiltled”Untiltled

    5X6 Abstract acrylic

Ruthie Joy

  • Art
I am an Art Professional

artist bio

Ruthie Joy was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1956. Graduated Alverno College in 2000, Psychology. She grew up with many family members who were artist in some form. Though art was always part of life through social interaction with these relatives, her interest peaked after she began painting as a way of dealing with stress. Ruthie is now a self taught abstract artist who’s works are full of bright colors that flow across the many surfaces (canvas, paper, ceramic and glass). She currently experiments with acrylics on fabric, creating a form of tie dyeing using multiple colors with alcohol as a thiner. This method allows Ruthie to develop patterns that are similar to the tie dyeing in the 1960’s.

Ruthie has exhibited in several juried shows and galleries. She is currently showing works on ceramic at the Gallery Grand in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Ruthie was accepted in to the mentor program through MARN ( Milwaukee Artist resource network). Ruthie has taught adults with disabilities from 2008-2009. She currently resides in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

artist statement

For me, painting Abstract art evokes a spiritual presence and energy which dominates my creative processes unlike any other medium.
What intrigues me about my art is the ability to create a rhythmic interplay between the movement of color which burst onto the canvas in a vast kaleidoscope of pattern.
My influences first and foremost are everything I see, feel and experience. Color is the way I can express myself weather on canvas, paper or fabric.