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  • “Stilted”Stilted

    2012 12x12ft Mixed media installation

Eddie Villanueva

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artist bio

B. 1983, Eddie Villanueva is an emerging artist living and working in Milwaukee WI.

2012/2011 MFA & MA - University of Wisconsin Madison
2005 BFA - UW Milwaukee

2012 Joan Mitchell Foundation MFA Grant Recipient
2012/2013 Anderson Ranch Resident
Represented by Circuit 12 Contemporary, Dallas TX

artist statement

The work implies a fractured conceptual space through broken lines and the intersections of shapes coalescing amongst spatial illusions and fragmented textures. The work seems to waver on the page or within the confines of the gallery, unsettled, precarious, and in transition. Forms find their way into the work again and again, degraded through processes of translation, technological reprocessing, and cannibalization. The work dissects hierarchical structures and value systems by employing degraded and reworked materials from previous works and by practicing a nomadic installation process built on traversing great distances and creating encampments of structures in foreign spaces.