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Arts in Milwaukee

A Public Service Of Milwaukee Artist Resource Network

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Connecting Creatives with Community

The Milwaukee Artist Resource Network recognizes that creativity can sometimes be an isolating activity.

MARN provides comprehensive programming to engage creatives in the Milwaukee Art community, and empower those artists to continue evolving through feedback from professionals in all fields, networking events, and professional development workshops.

Current Programs

We provide a variety of Professional Development Workshops to help all creatives go from starving to thriving. From workshops on business and marketing skills, to budgeting a project and fundraising, to pricing your and protecting your artwork, we’ll make sure you’re learning what they didn’t teach you in school.

MARNconnect is a quarterly members only networking event held at various locations throughout Milwaukee. MARN connects with art related venues throughout the city to promote potential collaborations and expose you to their mission. MARNconnect is also a great place to connect with your fellow MARN members and gives you a great platform to introduce yourself to artists you admire from afar!

In 2005, we developed MARNmentors for visual and literary artists, filmmakers, composers and arts administrators in order to strengthen the network of support for artists, provide in-depth professional resources and contribute to the health of Wisconsin's arts community. MARN acts as a liaison between established working artists with a desire to pass on their knowledge and professional experience to emerging artists who are selected as MARNmentees.

MARNsalons is a professional development program for artists, curators, critics and cultural workers in related disciplines. MARN brings national and international curators and critics to Milwaukee for MARNsalons, a series of in depth engagements with members of the local arts community. Through MARNsalons, we aim to strengthen and support the Milwaukee art community by offering artists and art professionals opportunities to expand critical discourse and enliven curatorial practices on a local level, while engaging nationally recognized curators in a globally relevant dialogue.

MARN's Gallery Night / Day provides a quarterly opportunity to expose visual and performance art to Milwaukee’s larger art-interested community. 

MARNwriters is an opportunity for adult members of Milwaukee’s literary community to share their work and engage in critical review and discourse in a creatively nurturing environment. Participants give feedback on poetry, prose, fiction, non fiction, scripts, and other writing samples and receive constructive criticism on their own work in return.

Programs in the works

MARNmovies presents screenings held in venues throughout Milwaukee to promote discourse about contemporary film, and strengthen the community of filmmakers in Wisconsin. During each event the audience sees a full feature film, hears a lecture or workshop, sees several short films by local emerging filmmakers, and are invited to a reception afterwards to network and engage is critical dialogue. MARNmovies also encourages local film enthusiasts to learn more about filmmaking as a form of artistic expression and how the filmmaking industry is beneficial to the economy.