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Gallery Night/Day Pop Up

October 18/19 2019 Gallery Night

We are happy to announce our MARNmember artist for the April Gallery Night/Day is Thomas Buchs.

Thomas attended Layton School of Art and became an Illustrator, creating artwork for advertising
and childrens books for many national and local companies during the last 46 years.
He tries to capture the light and atmosphere of a scene within a few hours. He believes that a painting is not just a two dimensional illusion, but also that of a moment in life, captured by an artist on canvas.
A founding member of Wisconsin Plein Air Painters Association Thomas has found that while doing a painting outdoors he is immersed in the moment, what he means is that later when he looks at the painting he can remember all the things that went on as he painted; the weather, the birds singing, a small animal moving through the scene, people who have stopped to talk to him. The memories are all part of the painting.


Please feel free to check out Thomas' MARN profile page:



Do you want to show your art during Gallery Night & Day, Milwaukee’s premier two-day art event? Gain exposure for your art and engage Milwaukee’s art community by submitting to MARN’s Gallery Night/Day Pop-Up. Gallery Night/Day runs Friday 5 to 9pm; Saturday 10am to 4pm

The Pop-Up will be at the Milwaukee Artist Resource Network located in Material Studios + Gallery in the Marshall Building of Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward. Visual artists, filmmakers, designers, writers, actors and dancers are encouraged to apply.

Eligibility: Only current MARNmembers Creator Class and above are allowed to submit work. Works must be made within the last two years. Artists must be present at MARN for Gallery Night. One visual artist and one performing artist will be selected per Gallery Night.

Artwork: All media accepted including performances. All works must be ready for installation and installed one week prior to Gallery Night. Works will remain up for approximately two months.
Requirements: Artists are responsible for providing all equipment necessary for the installation, display and performance of their work (please note there is a brick wall). Visual artists must be prepared to fill approx. 28 ft. of wall space total. Walls are broken down by the approximate dimensions: 65" length wall; 65" length wall; 130" length brick wall; 85" length by 48" height wall.

Deadline for January event: Fri, Dec 20th @ Midnight

Dates for the next Gallery Night/Day event are: Friday January 17 5pm to 9pm and Saturday January 18th 2020 10am to 4pm

Submit the following materials to

  1. Title your email: Gallery Night Pop Up
  2. Contact Info
  3. Artist Bio or Statement
  4. Artist CV or Resume
  5. Up to three (3) jpeg images (limit size to 700KB) or a video link