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Arts in Milwaukee

A Public Service Of Milwaukee Artist Resource Network

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Application Information

Mentee Application Information:


Download this document, fill it out and send in an email with requested subject line and attachments to jalexander@marnarts.org:

1. Are you currently a MARN Member? (your answer does not impact eligibility)
2. How did you hear about this program?
3. Please best describe your discipline.
4. MARNmentors is an artist mentorship program that creates the conditions for an exchange of ideas among mentors, mentees, influential artists, curators, and educators who participate. Why is access to a mentorship and supportive environment particularly meaningful to your artistic practice at this moment (limit 300 words)?
5. Are you currently enrolled as a student?
6. Do you currently reside in the Greater Milwaukee Area full-time?
7. Are you willing and able to commit to 2+ hours a month if chosen to participate in this program?
8. ARTIST STATEMENT (limit 100 words)
9. ARTIST WEBSITE or social media that shows your work (if you have one, provide URL)
10. Attach:
up to date RESUME (include full contact information)
11. Attach Images of your work:
Visual Artists/Graphic Designers 5 samples of current work in .jpg format (graphic designers can also use .indd docs) with artist’s last name as part of the filename.
Writers and Spoken Word artists should send a minimum of 2 excerpts from their portfolio.

Demographic Information:
MARN’s organizational mission and vision centers diversity, equity, and inclusion in order to more readily serve Milwaukee creatives. In seeking to be inclusive, we request basic demographic information of all program participants to help us cyclically assess whether MARN is achieving our accessibility objectives.

NOTE: This information is kept strictly confidential and is not used in any personal identification processes. This information is solely used to help our organization better understand who we are reaching and for anonymous fundraising reporting requirements. Your response can be as simple or complex as you wish.

Demographic Questions
• Race/ethnicity
o Self-identify or “prefer not to answer”
• Nationality & Country of Origin
o Self-identify or “prefer not to answer”
• Gender Identity
o Self-identify or “prefer not to answer”
• Do you identify as a person with a disability?
o Self-identify or “prefer not to answer”
• Do you identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community?
o Self-identify or “prefer not to answer”
• Military Status
o Veteran
o Active duty
o N/A
• Please list your primary language as well as any secondary languages you use separated by commas.
• Are you currently supporting any dependents as a parent and/or guardian?
o Yes
o No
• Age Range
o Ranges of 10-year increments including <20 and >90
• Income Range¬¬¬
o Ranges of 10K increments including <10k and <100k
• Living Environment
o Metropolitan
o Suburban
o Rural

Please send us an email with attachments or send documents via post or drop off in person to MARN 191 Broadway location.

Email to:
with the subject line:
MARNmentors Curatorial
MARNmentors Visual Art
MARNmentors Music

Snail mail or in-person drop off:
Attn: MARNmentors program
191 Broadway
Milwaukee, WI 53202
DEADLINE: midnight January 4th, 2021

Please note that incomplete applications will be eliminated so please double check your information before submitting. Mentee selection will ultimately be determined at MARN’s discretion.