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Arts in Milwaukee

A Public Service Of Milwaukee Artist Resource Network

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Support Milwaukee Artists

Micro Fellowships through the Milwaukee Artist Resource Network allow you to make direct donations to Milwaukee artists.

What is a Micro Fellowship?

To encourage the arts to thrive in Greater Milwaukee, join us in offering direct financial support to artists. Proper financial support can often affect whether an artist is able to continue inventing. Artists often put in significant labor to generate artwork including production, research and development. Additionally, artists pay out of pocket for supplies, equipment, insurance, travel and other related expenses. Your donation will directly impact an artist's life while underscoring Milwaukee's creative community. After taking a 10% administrative fee, MARN will pass your financial support directly to the artist you have selected. Micro fellowships will be distributed to artists on a quarterly basis.

We will share your contact information with the artists you support so that they can extend their appreciation to you. However, you may choose to remain anonymous with your donation.

Thank you for lending your support to artists in Milwaukee!