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Arts in Milwaukee

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Reference Materials

Reference Materials for Creatives

As creative people we are always in search of support materials, online sources for inspiration. Hopefully, we can give you a shortcut to what others have found helpful.


Here are some online suggestions.

  • Creative Alliance MKE Executive Summary
    Creative Alliance Milwaukee serves to strengthen, advance, connect and represent the creative industries as an essential asset to growing a vibrant, attractive region.
    The organization’s recently released report, Creative Industries: A NEW Economic Growth Opportunity for the Milwaukee 7 Region, found that the region’s creative industry
    cluster represents 67,000 workers, $2 billion in wages, 4.2% of all regional jobs, and more than 4,100 individual business enterprises. For more INFORMATION about Creative Alliance Milwaukee, including programs and membership, visit
  • An Artists' Guide to Health Insurance - A free online publication. (Publisher: Fractured Atlas and eInsurance, 2012)