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Arts in Milwaukee

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Digital Billboard Art Month

Digital Billboard Art Month

MARN is thrilled to be a part of the new and exciting Milwaukee event, that puts artwork on digital billboards throughout Milwaukee. 

MARN is one of eighteen organizations participating in the event, led by IN:SITE.

Eighteen digital billboards will create awareness of City of Milwaukee visual artists and nonprofit organizations and institutions.  All the billboards will have images from one or two artists.  In addition, there is also an identification panel with the name(s) of the artist(s) and the nonprofit that selected this art to represent it, along with the phrase “Digital Billboard Art Month.”  There will be no participant logos or website addresses.

Over a million people on Milwaukee highways and streets will be treated to a ten-day art exhibit.  IN:SITE hopes many people will decide to look up more information about the artists and nonprofits.

Upwards of 120 artists applied through MARN to be a part of this amazing event. MARN selected 5 images from 6 artists and submitted those to IN:SITE and curator Graeme Reid ranked the 5 images. The number one ranked image is by artist Brad Krause, and it will be shown on a digital billboard in Milwaukee for the first 10 days of October! 

Other artists selected by MARN are: Michael Kautzer, Amanda Iglinski and Ryan Laessig, Dave Watkins, and Eddie Villanueva. 

On Wednesday evening, October 2nd, 2013 from 6-8, INOVA, 2155 N Prospect Ave, will host a DBAM reception, cosponsored by Creative Alliance Milwaukee.  INOVA is two blocks away from a digital billboard displaying at least one of the DBAM images that night.  People can walk over to see billboard art “up close and personal.”  The theater at INOVA will be showing all the billboard images, with a presentation about the project at 6:30.  This discussion will feature Graeme Reid, Director of Collections and Exhibitions at the Museum of Wisconsin Art.

Visit the IN:SITE webpage for more information on this amazing event! And look up for art in early October!