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Midwest Artists Exchange

Midwest Artist Exchange

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The Milwaukee Artist Resource Network (MARN), AYZHA Fine Arts Gallery, and MKE<->LAX engaged with a pilot exchange program with the Chicago Artist Coalition (CAC) and its BOLT residency. The program, Midwestern Artists Exchange: Chicago-Milwaukee, was organized by MARN advisors Cynthia Henry and Sara Daleiden in collaboration with MARN Board President Pamela Anderson. CAC is a professional development organization, similar to MARN, whose mission is to build a sustainable marketplace for entrepreneurial artists and creatives. CAC has run this exchange program previously with Detroit and Minneapolis with great success.

The Milwaukee artists traveled to Chicago on July 12-13, 2014 and the CAC contingent traveled to Milwaukee on August 2-3, 2014. The program’s intention is to nurture connections and collaborations among residents and artists/artistic communities in neighboring Midwest cities. Core aspects of the program included the weekend-long tours in which participants engage in an exchange of ideas, trends, and knowledge that taps each group into the creative scenes within the other community. The Chicago sites visited were Dorchester Projects and Rebuild Foundation, Threewalls, The Franklin, 6018 North, and Comfort Station. Milwaukee sites included AYZHA Fine Arts Gallery, Milwaukee Art Museum, INOVA - Institute of Visual Arts, Plaid Tuba, Lynden Sculpture Garden, Terry McCormick Contemporary Fine and Folk Art Gallery, Portrait Society Gallery and Green Gallery. The tours include back-to-back visits to artist-run spaces, studios, galleries/museums and more, as well as presentations, potlucks, and facilitated discussions among the artists.

All participants have the opportunity to experience an intimate view of each space, share each others’ visions and ideas. Participating Milwaukee artists include Cynthia Henry, Sara Daleiden, Brad Fiore, Monica Miller, Pamela Anderson, Ronnie Crutchfield, Marlon Banks, Darlene LaMar, Francis Affottey Annan, Kevin Boatwright, Asieh Amiri, Khine Hline (May), Evelyn Patricia Terry and Miguel Ramirez. Chicago artists Oliverio Rodriguez, Rashayla Marie Brown, Phil Peters, Myra Greene, Alejandro Figueredo-Diaz, Marissa Lee Benedict, Aram Han, Sabba Elahi, Sanaz Sohrabi, and Spencer Stucky participated in the exchange as well.

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Chigaco Exchange Photos


Group photo at Chicago Artists Coalition.

Evelyn Patricia Terry gives an artist talk to the Midwest Artists Exchange group.

Jeffreen Hayes gives an introduction to Rebuild Foundation.

Midwest Artists Exchange group at Threewalls.

May Khine Hlime interacting with an installation at 6018 North.

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Milwaukee Exchange Photos


Milwaukee artist Ronnie Crutchfield with Chicago artists Sabba Elhai and Christopher Ottinger.

Midwest Artists Exchange visits Melissa Dorn Richard's studio at Plaid Tuba.

MARN Advisor Cynthia Henry with Sabba Elhai and Milwaukee artist Brad Fiore.

Picnic lunch at the Lynden Sculpture Garden.

Milwaukee artist Monica Miller and Chicago artists Sabba Elhai and Oliverio Rodriguez at the Green Gallery.

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