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Friendship Art Studio - Opening soon! | Looking for gently used items for $$ and/or donations always welcome.

Our art studio is coming under way and we will be hosting open studio hours, classes, workshops too.

As always we depend on the generosity of the Milwaukee Art Community to make it happen. Thank you for those who have provided and/or donated materials in the past.

We are also happy to offer payment for any materials and supplies people may have and are looking to down-size.

Here are a list of items we are still looking for:
1) Hot glue guns
2) Glitter
3) Stencils (Mandala, animals, letters, shapes etc.)
4) Stamps
5) Newsprint
6) Mosaic Tiles
7) Markers
8) Coloring books
9) Crayons
10) Watercolors
11) Drawing paper
12) Watercolor paper
13) Fabric Paint
14) Safety Glasses

If you have any materials, please contact me at adria@fcwi.org and would be happy to meet you at the new art studio.

Thank you so much.

Posted by: Adria Willenson

Adria Willenson
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